Garden Sabudana Chivda 140G

MRP: ₹50.00 2% off Offer Price: ₹49.00
About This Product

A delicious snack made with sago, potato & peanuts. You'll love this crunchy snack if you're tired of eating plain sago. A tasty and nutritious snack made with dhal that gives you a crisper mouthfeel. The Garden Namkeens brand represents authenticity and meets the expectations of every Indian, regardless of the region of origin. We have made it our priority to serve everyone who may love certain kinds of snacks. 

In the traditional 'Namkeen' sector, Garden was one of the first to sell branded products. While North Indian snack options were a focus for many 'Namkeen' manufacturers, we boldly took the opportunity to cater to a largely untapped market. Garden gained national presence through South Indian regional specialities like the 'murukku'. We plan on thrilling the Indian market with our robust distribution network as well as expansions and initiatives.